Oil Seperation Plants Venezuela

Containerised Control and Power Distribution for Multiple sites in Venezuela totaling over 100,000 Barrels per Day

Control Room

  • Designed for Rapid Deployment in bespoke 40ft shipping containers
  • Each container suite included Control Room, PLC Room, Main Switchgear Room and multiple MCC Rooms
  • Dedicated Process Control, Emergency Shutdown and Fire & Gas PLC Systems
  • Based on Siemens S7 415H CPU's, ET200S and ET200M IO
  • Siemens PCS7 V8.1 Distributed Control System ~1000 I/O
  • Redundant WINCC SCADA Stations with OSE Capability
  • Safety System programming and visualisation using Safety Matrix
  • Distribution and control on over 5MW of power
  • Seamless integration of Variable Speed Drives, Soft Starts, Direct On Line Starters & other third party equipment
  • In addition design authority on field Earthing, Cabling (Power & Instrumentation), Fire & Gas Detection and Safety Shutdown systems